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Need advice on passwords/certificates


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Hi there.

I apologise if this has been asked and answered (many times) before, but I haven't been able to find a similar question or a simple guide that tells me how to do what I want.

My group has a rented Mumble server which occasionally gets invaded by strangers. We haven't set up an overall server password, though most of our users are registered with the server and accessing it with certificates, I think. What I'd like to do is set up a general server password to keep strangers out, but still allow new friends to connect. I've tried some simple actions but they don't seem to do what I thought they would.

If I set a password on the root channel, strangers can still connect, although they're muted (but it doesn't look like they're also deafened). You don't get prompted for a password as you log in, which I find strange, nor are you refused entry completely. It also seems that since you have to create an access token to serve as the password, you *have to* connect to the server before you can create the token and therefore authenticate yourself.

Is there any simple way to prevent access entirely unless you give the password or are registered on the server, or does Mumble just not work like that at all?

Thanks in advance,

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A server password has to be set for the server, not for a channel.

An alternative way keeping it a public server would be to create one channel(-tree) for everyone joining, and another channel where you set up the ACL so only registered users can get in that channel.

That way, you won't have to deal with passwords and all of your friends can connect without problems. Then you just move them to the chan-tree registered users are at until they're registered themselves.

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