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Archlinux and mumble problem


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i installed mumble via pacman and it is not able to start...

the terminal gives me this.

# mumble

QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme.

CELT bitstream 8000000b from /usr/lib/mumble/libcelt0.so.0.7.0

CELT bitstream 80000010 from /usr/lib/mumble/libcelt0.so.0.11.0

PulseAudio: Connection failure: Connection refused

Locale is en_US

TextToSpeech: Compiled without support for speech-dispatcher

Database SQLite: ""

*** WARNING *** The program 'mumble' uses the Apple Bonjour compatibility layer of Avahi.

*** WARNING *** Please fix your application to use the native API of Avahi!

*** WARNING *** For more information see

Overlay: Removing old socket on "/home/cuddy/.MumbleOverlayPipe"

Overlay: Listening on "/home/cuddy/.MumbleOverlayPipe"

GlobalShortcutX: Unable to open any keyboard input devices under /dev/input, falling back to XInput

GlobalShortcutX: Using XInput 2.0

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 4:Virtual core XTEST pointer

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 5:Virtual core XTEST keyboard

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 6:Power Button

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 7:Power Button

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 8:Logitech USB Optical Mouse

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 9:HID 04d9:1400

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 10:HID 04d9:1400

SocketRPC: Removing old socket on "/home/cuddy/.MumbleSocket"

AudioInput: 40000 bits/s, 48000 hz, 480 sample CELT

ALSAAudioOutput: Initialized

ALSAAudioInput: Initing audiocapture default.

ALSAAudioInput: Actual buffer 48000 hz, 1 channel 4096 samples [1024 per period]

AudioInput: Initialized mixer for 1 channel 48000 hz mic and 0 channel 48000 hz echo

ALSAAudioOutput: ALSA reports 10000 output channels. Clamping to 2.

ALSAAudioOutput: Actual buffer 48000 hz, 2 channel 3072 samples [1024 per period]

ALSAAudioOutput: Initializing 2 channel, 48000 hz mixer

AudioOutput: Initialized 2 channel 48000 hz mixer


it opens up a window and crashes there. a grey window.

i am using Xfce4. im not sure whats missing :S

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