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Hi there,

I recently downloaded Mumble for a clan I'm involved in in Minecraft. I know, I know, it's nerdy but this is an open source forum so it's okay. All joking aside, I tried to set up my microphone through the audio wizard and I kept getting this horrid white noise from hell sound. It was really impossible to listen to for more than a second, and every time I set up the audio wizard it would only occur during the voice sampling. I scrambled to tear out my headphones the first time this occured, and the second time it did so I held the headphones in my hand and hoped to god the sound wouldn't occur again, but it did.

Anyway there's my story. I need some help fixing this. By the way I didn't get this on Teamspeak 3, and I haven't tried out Ventrilo, but I doubt it would happen. Though one can't be sure until they try. Also, I'm running the Universal Binary version of Mumble on my iMac G5 PowerPc 32-bit. I'm running OSX version 10.5.8. I'm running the application through my Apple iPod headphones and the computer's built in microphone. I don't know if it's some kind of feedback or if it's just the output clipping beyond belief or what. It's really got me in a bind here.

Is this a consistent problem with all Mac Powerpc's running the Universal Binary version? Or is it just a unique problem occuring on my machine? Because I searched the forums and didn't come up with anything relating to this. I'm guessing it would only be unique because I'm running a dated computer with very old and outdated specs.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help,

That One Guy

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Can I please get some help on this? I can run Teamspeak just fine, but I have no idea why I can't run the universal binary version of this without it destroying my ability to hear. I've had a good bit of page views, but no one managed to reply?

Also, I'm sorry if I come off as rude, that is not my intention. I'd just like a little help is all. Should I post my hardware specs?

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