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[Ubuntu 11.04] Crash on StartUp


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Latest Mumble Build (1.2.3):


CELT bitstream 8000000b from

G15LCDEngineUnix: Unable to connect to G15Daemon.

Locale is en_US

Database SQLite: "3.7.4"

*** WARNING *** The program 'mumble' uses the Apple Bonjour compatibility layer of Avahi.

*** WARNING *** Please fix your application to use the native API of Avahi!

*** WARNING *** For more information see

Overlay: Removing old socket on "/home/lucifer/.MumbleOverlayPipe"

Overlay: Listening on "/home/lucifer/.MumbleOverlayPipe"

GlobalShortcutX: Unable to open any keyboard input devices under /dev/input, falling back to XInput

GlobalShortcutX: Using XInput 2.1

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 4:Virtual core XTEST pointer

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 5:Virtual core XTEST keyboard

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 6:Power Button

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 7:Power Button

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 8:Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 9:G19 Gaming Keyboard

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 10:G19 Gaming Keyboard

GlobalShortcutX: XInput 11:Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

SocketRPC: Removing old socket on "/home/lucifer/.MumbleSocket"

AudioInput: 75231 bits/s, 48000 hz, 480 sample CELT

PulseAudio: Starting input alsa_input.usb-Razer_Razer_Megalodon-00-Megalodon.analog-mono

PulseAudio: Starting echo: alsa_output.usb-Razer_Razer_Megalodon-00-Megalodon.analog-surround-71.monitor

Assertion 's' failed at pulse/stream.c:1898, function pa_stream_set_state_callback(). Aborting.



Any Ideas?



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Ah yes, I see the problem. This is because I had the same problem. It has been fixed in the development tree with this commit.

The problem is related to the speaker configuration you have picked. Try setting you speaker configuration in the PulseAudio volume control to 5.1 or something with less then 8 speakers. This is more or less a workaround for the problem. If you really like your 7.1 configuration then I would suggest compiling the latest git tree. This wiki page explains how to do that.

Computer specs: AMD FX-8320, 8GB DDR3-SDRAM, AMD Radeon HD 7950, Asus Xonar D1, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit/Debian Jessie AMD64.

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