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cannot hear people talk


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I have a very strange problem with mumble version 1.2.3 for windows lately

as soon as i connect to the server I can hear people talking for just 1 second and then the sound cuts off and I can't hear anything else after that

the little lips next to the people's names don't even light up when they talk,it's like they're not talking at all

everything else still works as intented..I can type messages in the chat box and others can do so as well.text to voice also works.

this problem appeared 2 days ago when I logged in...didn't have any other problems before that.

someone else in our server had the EXACT same problem but couldn't find the solution.

contacted live support but they couldn't solve my problem.

I've tried redownloading,reinstalling,reentering server information,trying mumble version 1.2.2 but none of those fixed my problem.

I'm using windows 7 32 bit

firewall isn't blocking it

anyone have any ideas?

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I am hosting a server where ausdrifter is having the issue, its running linux debian 5. When connecting to a server on a windows host there is no problem and he can hear again. Do you know which Operating system the server you use is hosted on? Aslo you may want to connect to my mumble server (mumble.co.nz) and see if you still have the issue. I am yet to work out if its a client issue or a server issue, would be helpful to have a extra person trying to work it out though.

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found a solution....during june they updated the hosts/servers/whatever to version 1.2.4 which caused some bugs like the one we're having...

we rolled back to stable 1.2.3 and everything was fixed

haven't had any other problems since then

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