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[SOLVED] Joomla Mod_murmur Script & melted ICE


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Does any one have the Joomla Mod_murmur script mentioned on I tried the website link but, even the new link doesn't have a download link. Google wasn't much help either, nor the Joomla extension site.

I am looking for a channel viewer that doesn't use ICE.

I am using Murmur on a Dreamhost VPS (virtual private server) and I have tried to install ICE but with no success.

On the odd chance one of the Murmur developers reads this, it would be nice to have a mechanism for viewing channel data that didn't rely on an obscure third party PHP library. In theory, using a standard like ICE makes a lot of sense, but in practice it doesn't, for many reasons, here' s a few:

  • Mumble works best on servers that are connected via Mbit connections not your home DSL line. Most Mbit connected servers are commercial and that means the user doesn't likely have enough control to install ZeroC's ICE.
  • Relying on a third party PHP library complicates things. If my paltry years of experience with Linux has shown me anything, upgrading Mumble and not ICE, or visa versa is bound to run into issues. Or what if Mumble works with a certain distro and ICE doesn't. Requiring ICE is also another step to getting something working that should be dead simple - a dump of data about who is currently on the server.


This isn't to say ICE isn't useful, it is because you can admin a Murmur server with ICE, but for a channel viewer, it's overkill and cumbersome.

BTW - I love Mumble and have tried both Teamspeak and Ventrilo. My clan loves Mumble because it just damn well works, (well, except for the a channel viewer which I have spent hours trying to get to work...)

Soccy where are you?!!?

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