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Is there a way to add a "Music Channel"?


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I am trying to stream music through my murmur server on Ubuntu 9.10 64bit. I'm not sure what the most effective way to do this is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought about using icecast to do it but I'm not sure what output settings i would need to use in mumble.

thanks in advance

- Imrathion

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I was trying to figure something like this out too. In Vent I used to play with the Hardware mixer and switch the input from my microphone to the 'What You Hear' option that showed up in the Vent settings even though that was probably a part of the Soundblaster driver that I was looking at through Vent or something. The closest I can come to looking at the settings in Mumble is through that ASIO portion where I can Query 'Creative Asio'. I guess this is where you'd do it even though I had my main Input/Output in Vent set with DirectSound checked. However I don't see the same options in there, looks alot more like hardware stubs in that I see a Mix FL, Mix FR, Mix RL, Mix RR, Mix FC, Mix LFE, Mix RC or SL, Mix RC or SR, Windows Record L, and Windows Record R.

Anyway, TL;DR is I'm quite lost. Anyone have a clue how I can pipe music through Mumble without just shoving a mic next to my speakers?

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I was using exactly the same way in Mumble as you described in Ventrilo. You dont have "What you hear" option in Mumble?


You can choose your input device for mumble.

Thus, what you have to set up is

* select your input device

* configure your systems input settings

Of course you can use output as input. That's a system/windows/audio driver thing.

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