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Mumble's Overlay w/ Netflix


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So, my guild just switched to Mumble, which I have been using pretty often. At around the same time my Netflix stopped working when I attempted to stream. I never really put the two together, and after a long process with no help from Netflix technical support, I figured it out:

If you have the Mumble overlay active, without having your browser black listed, at least on Vista PC, it will not stream video but will stream audio still. Which completely and utterly baffles Netflix employees. Obviously this only happens when Mumble is opened, but still, I hope that this helps keep others from having to figure this out alone.

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So, to clarify:

you can stream fine if you

* disable the overlay in mumble


* blacklist your browser (which one is it?) in mumbles overlay blacklist


* do not run mumble

What kind of technology do you/does netflix use to stream?

Flash? Browser native HTML5? Other Plugins?

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