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ACL question, and Channel ID


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I'm setting up my mumble server, hosted by clanforge.

And I have two problems.

First, how can I find out a chanel ID without looking in the log? I don't have linux either. Clanforge won't show me the murmur log. I am running win7 and configuring thru clanforge configure and from superuser in the mumble interface.

#default entry channel

defaultchannel=XX? - need to make my lobby the landing in the server. Can't find out the ID.

Secound, I need to get my moderator class the ability to promote people into groups.

UserA registers himself

UserA gets promoted to GroupA, by Admin

UserB registers himself

UserB gets promoted to GroupB, by UserA

UserC registers himself

UserC gets promoted to GroupB, by UserA

UserD registers himself

UserD gets promoted to GroupB, by UserA


Is this possible to make UserA add people to groups without being able to write ACL. Don't want my "officers" to mess upp everything. I could make them admins, or make them writeACL. But it's not desirable.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The writeACL is not very granary at the moment. You can only limit it by channel. So if groupA is only used in a subtree of channels, they could only fuck up that subtree, not the other channels outside of that subtree.

For the chan-id, I'd go for the log as well. Not really a simple good way I think.

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