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Crosscompile from Linux for Windows


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I want to crosscompile a custom mumble version for windows from linux. Therefore i try to compile the static version. Is that correct proceeding? I can build the dynamic linked version without problems on Arch Linux. When i try to compile the static versions some libaries are missing (The vcpkg script completed sucessful, see attached files). What am i missing?

mumblebuild.txt vcpkg.txt

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Could you run [tt]make VERBOSE=1[/tt] in the build directory and post the output of that? This should show us, whether it is actually using the statically built Qt version instead of your system's Qt version (which is most likely not static).


Note though, that I don't think what you are doing will get you a cross-compiled binary. Instead you are only creating a static Linux binary. We used to support cross-compiling via MXE but that turned out to be restrictive in terms of what libraries we can use. Thus, we excluded it from our CI and I don't think the current codebase can be compiled using MXE anymore...

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