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I don't know what agents of evolution refers to, but I have had trouble getting info for a Mac OSX-run Murmur/Mumble server as well. Until recently, and I'll share with you what I found:

First of all, download and install the mumble client from the main page, as murmur (the server program) is included as well. Murmur is included, but not as a typical, standalone Mac OSX app. It must be run from the terminal window, command-line. For a default installation of Mumble, all you really need to do to run murmur is, in Terminal, type "/Applications/Mumble/Mumble.app/Contents/MacOS/murmurd -v -fg" and it will start up and run from that Terminal window. If you wish to close it, the best way I can find is to hit "ctrl-C" and close the window -- if you don't use "ctrl-C" then it will continue to run even if the window is closed. Then, you can check the wiki to find out about the ini file if you want to use one, or setting an admin password if you need it. You'd use the same command, but with different "-" options. Finally, don't forget to open the right port on your router, and I would recommend DynDNS for a static address.


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