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Our stats for murmur with 800 user peak


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Our server stats, may be will be useful for someone thinking about installing server.

Machine specs: CoreDuo i3-560 3.33Ghz / 4Gb RAM / 2x500Gb SATA, Gentoo Linux, running only murmur.

Graph in bits per second, not bytes,


Maximum online - ~800 users, 10-30 per channel most of time. Bandwith per user limited to 60 kbps.

CPU usage - slightly noticeable. 2-5% according to "top" command.

Memory - 200-400 Mb approx.

Load average: 0.4 max

In case image won't load:

Inbound bandwidth max: 3 mbps (0.37 Mbps)

Outbound bandwidth max: 27 mbps (3.4 Mbps).

Total traffic in/out: 12.9/77.3 Gb

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