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[SOLVED] ERROR: A referral was returned from the server


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I've installed Mumble client 1.2.3 on a Windows 7 netbook.

When I start mumble client the following error appear:

A referral was returned from the server.

Following FAQ suggestions:


I installed the certificate under "Trusted Root Certification Authorities", but the error is still there.

Suggestions ?

Is it correlated to administration privileges ?


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In my previous post I asked about ADMINISTRATION PRIVILEGES issue, because before trying to start also the MURMUR server on the same Win7 netbook, I tried to modify the MURMUR.INI file but I had non privileges to modify it. I then changed them and I could save the murmur.ini modifications.

So, is it possible tha the MUMBLE client error, is related to the default privileges in MUMBLE installation respect to the standard UAC in win7 ????? If yes, which items in the installation has to be modified ?


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It was a Mumble wrong permission settings in win7.

My default user has administration privileges but not full (I do not know well UAC in win7).

1) I uninstalled MUMBLE.

2) I deleted all START-COM certificates, both at USER and LOCAL COMPUTER level, using mmc as described here:


3) I re-installed MUMBLE

4) I changed mumble.exe permission to run-as-administrator and then I could start it again without ERRORS any more (remember to install the certificate at "Trusted Root Certification Authorities")


NOTE: similarly to MUMBLE, I have other permissions issues running MURMUR (at the end I changed all permissions to the overall MUMBLE directory)

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