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New to Mumble need help setting up Murmur for my guild.


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Greetings folks,

I'm new to mumble and it seems like a very useful and innovative program. and from what i have seen so far i like it very much!

I am tasked with setting up a mumble server for my guild on world of warcraft. Problem is that i do not know where to start at all. It's like staring at a 300 lb cheeseburger and picking a spot to bite first.

Some technical information:

Windows Vista SP2

Firefox web browser

this is also the computer that will be hosting the server.

I have installed ICE and XAMPP, as well as the bonjour browser.

So if you have any help for a technical noob it would be much appreciated.

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The first thing you'll want to do is get off Windows Vista. :)

After that, install Mumble and Murmur (Murmur is the server part, Mumble is the client part - both are included in the same download).

Once you have it installed, edit the murmur.ini file with Notepad (this file is located in the Mumble folder, so on 64-bit it's here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mumble" - on 32-bit it's here: "C:\Program Files\Mumble"). Read through it and make any changes that you think you would like. It's fairly well documented, and if you don't understand what one or two settings do you can probably skip them (post here though if you're not sure). The main one you'll probably be interested in is the number of slots your server will have.

Once you've saved your changes, go to the command prompt and navigate to the Mumble folder, i.e.:

cd "\Program Files (x86)\Mumble"

or, if you're on 32-bit Windows it will be: cd "\Program Files\Mumble"

Then, use the following command to set your SuperUser password:

murmur.exe -supw mynewpassword

So, if you wanted to use the password "supersecret" your command would be: murmur.exe -supw supersecret

Next, you'll want to make sure that the port you're running Mumble on (64738 by default) is open to the outside world. This means that if you have a firewall you'll need to add an exception (for both TCP and UDP). If you're running NAT you'll need to setup port forwarding as well. The instructions for this should be available from the manufacturer of your network device.

Finally, fire up the Murmur executable. You can just type murmur.exe from the command prompt (if you're still in the Mumble folder), or find the Murmur application in your Start Menu. It will start minimized in your system tray. Give your public IP address (http://whatismyip.org/) to a friend and have them connect to test it out.

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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Thanks for the response!

I'm running a 64 bit system and vista is all i can use right now. :(

Anyhow, i try to change something in the murmur.ini file (Number of connections) and i get the following error message from vista when i attempt to save or even exit the notepad.

"Cannot create the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mumble\murmur.ini File. Make sure the path and file name are correct." And only one button "OK" When i click the button it brings me to a save file window and will not allow me to save the edited file.


with word pad i get the following error

"Access to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mumble\murmur.ini was denied" "OK" button

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Me too, get the same "access denied"-error when trying to change wellcome-message??

Secondly. As we are running Murmur only locally (on our LAN in our house), I wonder if I should change the "Bandwith"-setting which is currently set at 72000 ????

Our LAN has CAT6 cables and all computers are connected via an D-Link Gigabit switch.

A third question is regarding how to register users from within the Mumble clients. As it is now my son and his friends are using the four of our PC:s to play games and each PC has a Mumble client installed. Now, as the friends are not always the same, and as they switch around a bit, it would be great if they could log in with their proper first name on each Mumble client, that is, be able to choose their first name disregarding on which PC they currently are sitting at. Is this doable?

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You receive the Access Denied message because your account doesn't have permission to write to the file. You can either edit the permissions of the file (when you do this you'll be prompted to elevate your privileges to Administrator, Notepad does not do this), or run Notepad as Administrator, then open the file. To do the latter, find Notepad in your Start Menu, then right-click it and select the option Run as administrator.

Regarding registered users, I would just have your friends not register their account (you can edit the ACLs to disable self-registration on the root channel).

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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