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Qt Plugins Not a valid short file name.


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I recieve the following message when I try too..

1. Load Mumble

2. Uninstall Mumble

3. Repair/Re-install a fresh or new copy of Mumble.. Essentially I cannot run Mumble on this machine at all. I have racked my brain an just dont know what todo to get this program to work for me.

'QtPlugins' is not a valid short file name.

I might add my system is:

Intel i7 2600k

6gb Ram

x2 ATI 6950

Running Windows 7-64bit

please help.

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Still nothing.. kinda disappointing. REALLY need to get mumble working on this system. It worked once, that I can remember. Then the above issue occured. It continues to occur everytime I try to run Mumble, Uninstall mumble, or repair mumble. Anything todo/relating to mumble an I get this Qt error..

Hope someone knows what todo

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From a cursory Google search, Windows Installer Cleanup has been said to help with these sorts of issues. Would it be possible for one of you to give that a shot and see if it helps? Actually now that I look at it, that program's been "retired" because it conflicts with Office, and it doesn't work for me on Windows 10. :/

(Just stabbing in the dark here until someone familiar with our installer can take a look)

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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