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Problem with connection to server


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hello there. Last weeks i'm having problems with connecting to my guild's mumble server

i enter the adres, server, port all right. (tried 200 diffrent times so i'm sure 1/200 was correct typed)

after that i gotta typ my username in. well simple

so no password used till here

on ALL normal server i use connect. and after that it asks me for a password. works fine on all servers

yet on my guild's one its not

Apparently my guild has used an option called Acces tokens.

according to my guildies, i gotta go to server. and press acces tokens there.

but here comes the problem. For me the Acces Tokens option is grayed out and unclickable

Anyone know the solution for this? and can help me out? so i can enter the server correctly.

At this moment if i try to connect to the server. it doesn't ask for my password. and it just doesn't connect. giving the "server connection failed, connection timed out" every time

For those that bother about it: Sorry for my english, i'm dutch myself and my english is mostly gaming/typing english :)

Regards, Ralloot/nick

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If you're getting the message "Server connection failed" - perhaps you have been given incorrect server information? It could also be your network setup. Click on Configure -> Settings in Mumble, then click Network. Check your proxy configuration to make sure it is correct (you need to have the Advanced option checked to see this).

You can't add the access token until you connect to the server.

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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its the correct server information. as i said, i entered it around 200 times. copy pasting it from guildmates even on skype. just to make sure its the same as theirs. still no connect.

network setting is fine too. its working on all other servers

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