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Auto joining a channel


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I have been poking around with Mumble today (great software), but I have not found anyway to make anyone who join get automaticly moved to another channel. I don't want them in Root. Is this possible? I know I can prevent ppl from talking in Root, but then they have to move them self.


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using dbus to set a default channel:


dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=net.sourceforge.mumble.murmur --type=method_call / net.sourceforge.mumble.Meta.setConf int32:<ServerID> string:"defaultchannel" string:"<ChannelId>"

set for your preferred Channel


dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=net.sourceforge.mumble.murmur --type=method_call /<Serverid> net.sourceforge.mumble.Murmur.getChannels

to get the ChannelId


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Care to explain the ICE instructions? :D


Nevermind. Bit of digging in the Murmur ICE docs and some PHP from the included PHP file gave me this



try {
       $base = $ICE->stringToProxy("Meta:tcp -h -p 6502");
       $meta = $base->ice_checkedCast("::Murmur::Meta");

       $server = $meta->getServer(1);
       $server->setConf("defaultchannel", "1");
} catch (Exception $ex) {
       echo "<p><pre>\n";
       echo "</pre></p>";


Did the job nicely.

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