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Directing mumble sound in a multichannel system


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I`ve been trying to find a way to direct mumble sound into only one channel in my 7.1 system, for example the center channel.

This would be very helpfull so that I could just remove the one channel and I would have no more chatter with friends when capturing in games with fraps.

Double soundcard trick is not going to work so sorry for that...

So if anyone knows how to, please help =)


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Instead of doing this some hacky way, assuming it's possible at all, consider that the capture software 'DXtory' can capture audio separate from video, and can record multiple audio channels (game audio, mumble incoming, mumble outgoing) simultaneously, and into separate files.

I have a USB headset that shows up as a unique audio device, which makes it easy to restrict mumble audio to that specific device, then I can play game audio over the hi-fi (for example).

If you don't want to buy new software, a hardware setup with two audio devices might be required to do what you want to do, as far as I can see.

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