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Voice is crackled and incomprehensible when 8+ people are on


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My guild has recently moved to a Mumble server and I'm having issues I haven't been able to solve.

When a decent amount of people log onto the server my voice begins to cut out and people can't understand me. If there's only 3-5 people in the server everyone can hear me just fine.

I've been using vent for 5+ years without issue, but I don't have an option not to fix this anymore because my guild is here for good it seems.

When I check my information tab in Mumble, I have an average of less than 1% packet loss. I'm on a hard-wired 10mbps connection.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I'm running Mumble 1.2.3 (stable) on Windows Vista 64

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Not to totally necrothread here, but we're seeing the same problem - across two different providers and three seperate servers. There are two-three people who will start dropping to static, then cutting out entirely, to other people on the server (though not everyone.) This persisted for most of last night until our group started breaking up, and as people began to leave the server, everyone could hear everyone else again.

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