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Mumble certificates for Android


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Firstly, I apologize if this is covered elsewhere in the forums but I'm hoping someone can help me out with my certificate issue. I'm trying to have a Mumble certificate work on my Android 3.1 tablet. I can join the server but the admin can't register me.

From what I've read about certificates in the PC version of the software, you're to either manually create a "trusted" certificate or one is generated by the admin for you. My question is what type of "trusted certificate" is it? If it's a SSL cert, then if I exported the cert after it's generated, could it be imported & stored with my other SSL certs on my Android device and if not, is there a way to convert it to be used. What is contained in a "trusted certificate"? If any of this you can answer this then, I appreciate it muchly and I suggest you apply to the Mumble Chat Support service because you're already more knowledgeable than the fellow I tried to chat with tonight on there. As soon as I started talking about certificates, the support person kept shutting me down. If you need RT support, don't go there.

There was mention about using Portecle to manage & store certs on the Mumble for Android Beta site. However, after I downloaded the software, it wouldn't install on my tablet. They mentioned additional customizations but the programming changes seem vague as I don't know where these files are to be found. My programming experience may be updating a php forum, I'm no Android guru.

Anyhow, any help would be appreciated.




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I don't think the Android Mumble client has support for certificates at the moment.

What is the "Mumble Chat Support service?" Do you mean the IRC channel #mumble on Freenode? pcgod is usually in there and he should be able to help you with this (many others in there should be able to help as well).

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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