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DirectX8 Support?


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Just found mumble and i'm very impressed with it! So impressed that i've implemented the mumble link stuff into my current project.

Only problem in, my project uses DirectX8 for the rendering, so the overlay in mumble doesn't work.

Any chance of adding DX8 support? I had a look at the mumble sources to try and add it myself but theres lots of dependencies and i'm kinda lazy... :P

Shouldn't be too hard to add DX8 really, since the API is very similar to 9. I understand that its an outdated API now but a lot of the old games still use it.

I would update my project to DX9 if i could, unfortunately its a modification for games i never wrote (Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City) which are both in DX8.

Would be awesome to have the mumble overlay working in not just my project, but any other DX8 games that people use the link interface with :)

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