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Mumble hangs on startup


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When I start mumble, the window opens like it should, but none of the buttons respond to clicking and I can't move the window. Right now it's been sitting there for ~15 minutes. The only way to kill it is through the Task Manager. Restarting it after killing it results in the same thing. I tried reinstalling Mumble and deleting the mumble folder in appdata with no luck.

I'm running mumble 1.2.3 on windows 7 64bit.

[6816] HardHook: Asked to replace 75A42DDB with 013C4E60

[6816] HardHook: Unknown opcode at 0: b8 14 10 0 0 b9 0 0 0 0 8d 54

[6816] HardHook: Asked to replace 75A41D34 with 013C4E10

[6816] HardHook: Unknown opcode at 5: 8b ff 55 8b ec 6a 5d ff 75 8 e8 1d

[6816] DirectSound: Disabled as WASAPI is available

[6816] ASIO: No valid devices found, disabling

[6816] LGLCD: Unable to initialize Logitech LCD library 1722

[6816] CELT bitstream 8000000b from C:/Program Files (x86)/Mumble/celt0.0.7.0.sse2.dll

[6816] CELT bitstream 80000010 from C:/Program Files (x86)/Mumble/celt0.0.11.0.sse2.dll

[6816] Locale is en_US

[6816] Database SQLite: "3.6.19"

[6816] Overlay: Listening on "\\.\pipe\MumbleOverlayPipe"

[6816] Adding device {6f1d2b60-d5a0-11cf-bfc7-444553540000} Mouse Mouse:8

[6816] Adding device {6f1d2b61-d5a0-11cf-bfc7-444553540000} Keyboard Keyboard:127

[6816] AudioInput: 40000 bits/s, 48000 hz, 480 sample CELT

[6816] WASAPIOutput: Latencies 100000 30000 => 100000

[6816] WASAPIInput: Latencies 101587 30000 => 100000

[6816] Adding device {7f27b9f0-8ebc-11df-8002-444553540000} USB Receiver USB Receiver:652

[6816] WASAPIInput: Stream Latency 58050 (896)

[6816] AudioInput: Initialized mixer for 2 channel 44100 hz mic and 0 channel 48000 hz echo

[6816] WASAPIOutput: Stream Latency 106666 (960)

[6816] WASAPIOutput: Periods 10000us 3000us (latency 10666us)

[6816] WASAPIOutput: Buffer is 20000us (1)

[6816] AudioOutput: Initialized 2 channel 48000 hz mixer

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This turned out not to be a bug at all. I have three monitors on my computer: two 24" ones on my desk as well as a 42" tv on the other side of the room. The connection dialog box was opening up on my TV, which was turned off.

I guess the only suggestion I would possible have is making sure the connection box always open on the same monitor as the main mumble window, but I doubt it's high priority. I doubt most people leave one of their monitors turned off most of the time.

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