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Upgrading Mumble to 1.4.x on Windows 10 (and newer) from versions 1.3.x and older


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Until we can formally add this to our website, I am pinning this here for others who may submit a post for this topic. The 1.4.x installer requires that 1.3.x and older of Mumble be uninstalled, and 1.4.x be installed afterwards. Please make sure you back up any settings (especially for the server) prior to uninstalling 1.3.x as a precaution. If 1.4.x is installed without removing 1.3.x, just remove 1.3.x and do a repair install of 1.4.x and it will fix the shortcuts.


If you do not have the Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable installed, it may produce errors. The longstanding Visual C Runtime is now included in Windows and is updated with Windows Update. 



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