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Can't use Mumble with Modern Warfare 3


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first sorry if my english is bad because I'm French.

I can't run Call of Duty MW3 when Mumble is running. Each time I try i got a black screen on MW3, but i can always hear the sound of the game and the sound of my mouse rolling over buttons of the menu.

And that is not the only problem, the microphone stay activate on Mumble when MW3 "try" to run.

Just now, i can play MW3 but i can't be on Mumble at the same time and playing without be able to discuss with my teamplayers isn't funny...

I wish you could find a solution.


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Please try to disable the overload and see if the game still only displays a black screen.

On the other issue: Do you use voice activation? Push to talk?

I’m not sure what MW3 does, but maybe it fiddles with the OS audio levels.

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