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I have 2 computers.....1 is Windows Vista (My old computer) and 1 is Windows 7 (New One)....My guild in World of Warcraft is required to use Mumble.....After downloading mumbe, I tried to connect to our server, after connecting it will disconnect me from the server and it will say "The Server Host has disconnected you from the server" and 5 seconds later it will disconnect my internet!!! This is a huge problem because that computer is my gaming computer and I will not be able to raid with my guildmates if I dont have mumble!.....Anyway, I downloaded Mumble on my computer, I connected to the server and it didn't disconnect me from the server and it also didn't disconnect my internet.....Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my other computer???????

---Sorry for my poor grammar.

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So you had this issue once but not the second time you connected to the same server?

Well, Mumble does not fiddle with your internet connection. That should be more of an OS/driver/router issue then.

Do you have others on your same network you can try if they are disconnected as well? How do you know the internet got disconnected? (OS notice? website does not load?)

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