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PTT ignored with 1.4.230


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Ok folks. 🙂


Not trying to cause friction, but several of my users are now complaining about the "PTT" function being ignored if other apps are in the foreground. Mumble seems to ignore the PTT function in the new 1.4.230, yet works fine in the 1.3.4.


If "steam" is foreground, the mumble PTT button seems to be ignored. To resolve, they need to bring mumble back to the foreground. Additional, if "discord" is being used at the same time, mumble seems to ignore the ptt key function. I've asked them to click the "Exclusive" radio button, but that seems to make no difference.


So... 1.3.4 works totally fine, however 1.4.230 seems to have ptt issues.


Any advice?



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57 minutes ago, Krzmbrzl said:

Are the other applications perhaps run with elevated permissions (aka: as admin)? If so, you have to start Mumble as administrator as well



I shall let them know, and see how it works out. 🙂


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Good to hear that!

If I understood Davide correctly we used to use some sort of elevation scheme that allowed us to avoid having to start Mumble as administrator in order to make shortcuts work, but it seems this has not been set up quite right in the published 1.4.230 release...

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