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Admin add/registration problem


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I have an issue adding an admin to the group. The user was an admin before and had issues logging in. So I deleted his registration and he was again able to log in. He then right clicked and registered himself, but when I go in to add him as admin again he does not show in the droppdown list. If I type his name in manually it shows up italic and does not save.

I have verified he is in the registered users list, have tried deleting his account and registering him myself as I was logged in as superuser. Nothing works. I am out of ideas.

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You're probably not typing in his name correctly. Check to see if he's using any special characters in his name (some are hard to notice, for example i and ¡ are two different characters). I don't think it's case-sensitive, but you may want to try entering it in the correct case too just to be sure.

You could also try copy/pasting his name from the Registered Users list to be sure you have entered it correctly.

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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Even weirder.. deleted him again and he changed his name back to the way he wanted it.. he now shows up in the admin list.. although the CAPS letters in his name are lower-case in the list and he now has admin rights again. Strange but at least it works now. So I guess if anyone else encounters this.. have them change their name.. register.. delete.. change name again.. register.. delete.. change name back.. and hopefully they can now be admins. Thanks for the help.

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