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friend's account displays my username when connected


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Hello, a group of friend and I have been using Mumble to play league of legends and it has worked fantastically. Now here's the thing, another of my friend started playing, so we gave her our address port # and asked to to create a username and such and ran her through the installation. Now this is were it get messed up. Everytime she connects she appears with MY USERNAME! and disconnects me from my mumble chat... then if I reconnect, then she gets disconnected! The weird thing is that we are in different houses, with different networks... she lives about 5 miles from my house lol.

Now we thought maybe it was the file that I had on my dropbox server, so we uninstalled with perfect uninstaller (to take out all remnant from the registry) reinstalled again from a fresh copy from sourceforge.net and the same thing happend... I was then thinking "maybe since I build her computer, there's maybe a program that might be interfering", so i told her to log out dropbox (since we share folders), log out logmein, leave her firewall off, and turn off avast.. STILL THE SAME!!!! I was also then thinking this was completely unnecessary since I also build 3 of my other mumble friend's computers and they don't have that problem, and they also share dropbox folders with me and have logmein and the zonealarm + avast.

So... i don't know if my PC is the culprit or hers... i'm assuming its hers. Just so you guys know, she connects wireless to the internet and she has a dualband card (not sure if she's connecting using the 5ghz or 2.4ghz). But then again... I also play using wireless at the office and I have no problems.

Please come up with a way to trouble shoot this, i'm a PC technician... and i just ran out of ideas on how to fix this :( Thank you

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