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[Solved] Ban List from Ventrillo?


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Okay I have searched the web high and low and can not find a way to take existing banned IP's and ad them to our new mumble server. I realize its a manual process and can type them in but if i go to server > ban list edit there is nowhere to really ad a NEW IP address only edit existing. So that file must be somewhere to read can i just manually ad to that and if so can you all tell me the format and file name and i will be on my way!

Thanks for any guidance.


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Hi Tara,

The bans are stored in the database, which is usually either a SQLite or MySQL database. However, changes directly to the database could put your server in an unsupportable state.

You can add new bans by clicking on Server -> Bans, then enter the ban information and click the Add button.

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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