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PTT Outgoing Sound Not Working Star Wars: The Old Republic


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When SW:TOR is the Active Application, my outgoing sound seems to be lost. I can still hear others speaking in Mumble and they indicate my Mic icon shows I was attempting to speak, but they hear nothing. If I alt-tab, or play in Windowed Mode and click out of SW:TOR, my outgoing sound is heard just fine.

This is a configuration mistake on my system somewhere I am sure because the other person I was testing it with was able to speak and be heard while SW:TOR was his active application.

If I click the Exclusive box for Outgoing Audio, it keeps my mic "hot" and he could hear me fine.

If I Run Mumble as Administrator, it works just fine. So for now, I set Mumble to always run as Admin, but it is just a minor annoyance and I can't figure out what setting on my computer is causing this conflict and not knowing is driving me nuts.


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