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Mumble wont let SWTOR launch


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Whenever I start mumble before launching SWTOR I will get a black screen after logging in and a windows error saying that SWTOR has a problem and will not launch. If I launch SWTOR first, then start mumble everything except the overlay seems to work fine. I have repeated this dozens of times both in SWTOR beta and now after launch.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the current mumble client (1.2.3) several times and reinstalled the SWTOR client to no avail.

This behavior seemed to start after I moved mumble from my d: drive (mechanical hard drive) to my c: drive (ssd drive).

Any help resolving this would be appreciated.

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Same issue, though the impact is more dramatic.

If mumble is already running when I launch The Old Republic, then mumble will lock up, SWTOR will essentially stop wherever it is, and a few other apps (Mozilla for example) will also hang. As soon as I close mumble (I have to force it using task manager), everything immediately frees up and continues on like nothing ever happened - for example, SWTOR will suddenly continue loading.

If I wait until SWTOR is fully loaded, then launch mumble, I don't seem to have issues (I don't use the overlay, so I haven't noticed either way on it). If I close SWTOR, but leave mumble running, then the next time I load SWTOR, it will lock up.

It is worth noting that I only saw this issue intermittently when I first started playing SWTOR, but now see it 100% of the time subject to the side note below.

One unproven side note: Since this became near 100%, I believe there have been twice where I've gotten it to work the other way (mumble first). In both instances I had just closed several other random applications - thus changing where in memory mumble and TOR were loading. I am not, however, 100% certain of my load order on those. The applications being closed were not relevant, as the same apps have been up many other times, and, in some cases, I only closed some instances of that app while other instances were left running.

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That would seem to be the issue - just changed it, and, at least for the moment, I was able to start mumble first and then start TOR and have both work just fine (usually I have to alt-tab out of TOR and start mumble after the fact).

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What OS are you on?

Do you run, and which one as which, as administrator?

Does this happen for *everyone* using Mumble and that software? Everyone on specific OS and/or driver combinations?

Regardless of overlay enabled or not?

Does the order of launching app order influence it?

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