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Superuser and admin problem


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I can not get superuser or admin to add new channels and not sure why i think it says invailed name or something like that when i try (sorry forgot what it says and i am at work and unable to look.

I am also having problems with the cert and registering when i the the cert setup and then register i can not log back in because of invailed password. i was never asked to add a new password. this only happens when i have a password set for the server if i take it out no porblem with that one. but it will not let me log into another server i use and it has a password on it. I have to either remove the password on my murmur server or not run the cert. to be able to log in. and like i said the other one i cant even get back in to going to have to get the admin on that one to unregister me there to i guess. so is there something i am doing wrong with the cert or do i even need to do that for admin rights.

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The certificate is what is used to authenticate yourself to the Mumble server. You need to register your account, then add it to the admin group. Once this is done, don't change or remove your certificate. If you are getting an error message when adding new channels the channel names you are using likely aren't allowed by the server configuration. You'll need to change the regular expression "channelname" in murmur.ini to allow the names that you're entering.

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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