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Issues with mumble-server.ini on Ubuntu 11.10


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I am having problems getting my mumble-server.ini edits to work. I installed Murmur (via SSH in Cygwin) using apt and then configured it using dpkg. Everything seemed to go smoothly until I got around to having to edit /etc/mumble-server.ini. I found the file easily enough and made the necessary changes using vim (the file existed already & it saved properly - so no retarded mistakes there :D ). However, my Murmur server doesn't appear to be using the settings. What can I do to resolve this problem please?

Server details:

- OS: Ubuntu 11.10

- VPS provided by Gandi.net

Thank you.

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Thanks for the help. The command didn't work but I eventually got Murmur to use mumble-server.ini.

I tried the command you gave me first and it gave the good old command not found error, which I thought was strange. I installed the package murmur to see if that would help, apparently it's a completely different program though. When I type mu I get two possible options: murmurd and murmur-user-wrapper. I am loathe to touch them though.

I deleted the entire VPS (luckily I haven't done anything else with it yet) and started from scratch. Used the commands I did before, edited /etc/mumble-server.ini and then restarted the entire server and now it's apparently working. It appears to be working consistently but having to reboot the entire VPS when I need to change the .ini file is going to be irritating.

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