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I am a long-time user of mumble for my clan's game servers and always found it to be better than the competition.

I am now looking to gather support for mumble to be supported by HLSW.

For anyone that doesn't know, HLSW is a game server monitor/admin application that supports a wide range of games and voice-comms servers from within a single application - however it doesn't yet support mumble in any form. It is the primary tool I use for administering my game servers when not playing (rcon, server updates, mapchanges, multiple server support, many games supported etc.) and the only thing that makes it the complete package is being able to view/administer our mumble server.

I have started a thread on the HLSW forums (http://forum.hlsw.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4607) and the developer has stated that if a protocol is available (and I understand there is with the channel viewer protocol and many web-applications that can access information from the mumble server) and there is enough interest then it will be considered to be added.

I am here to see if anyone else is interested in seeing mumble supported by HLSW, and if so, could they please register their interest by voting in this poll:



Sam aka DeadlyAvenger

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