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"A referral was returned from the server"


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I'm getting this error on Windows 7 with your version 1.2.4 ... contacted support via ur mumble website and he did what he could do to help. However, ever place he had me try to download the correct version I recieved the same error. I'd like to use mumble. Please help me out?

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When I try to launch Mumble I get error message "A referral was returned from the server" and mumble doesn't launch.

I tried to get it fixed with Mumble live support here: http://www.mumble.com/get-mumble-server.php?OKEY=keyin_stop_mumble

They ran me through few trouble shooting loops (uninstalling and installing again) ending up with verifying my Certificate for Mumble for win7 when that didn't work they lifted their hands up and said "sry we can't help you" and gave me link to these forums.

The funny thing is, I had Mumble 123 working just fine with my computer, but I chose to upgrade it to 124 and after installing 124 I couln't launch it anymore and started to get this "A referral..." message.

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This seems to be a different issue then what we originally fixed, which is blog post is about.

Back then the certificate of the 1.2.3 installer ran out; hence the release of a 1.2.3a installer that contained Mumble 1.2.3 unchanged otherwise.

Now it seems Windows 8 does have problems with 1.2.4, which uses a new certificate author.

That Windows 8 verification stuff is really awful … What a hassle.

I have no Windows 8 , but my clanmate reported this as such as well. "Eine Referenzauswertung wurde vom Server zurückgesendet".

I wonder how our devs can use Mumble on Win8 just fine?

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Installed again clean after uninstalling and "A referral was returned from the server" prevented me launching, again.

I am very casual with computers don't use them for anything else than gaming, emails etc so i cannot find a-work-around this. One thing that propably doesn't mean anything, is that when i got an installation that did work, the installation allways made Mumblelogo shortcut to my desktop. These referral-installations never do...

All in all. With out any rage/doom/qq intended, i think i need to end my sub with mumble since the product doesn't work for me. Hopefully a solution comes up at some point, till then i need to look elsewhere.


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