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installer wont work!


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I've tried to download it 10 times now, the download always seems to time out way before it finishes. Too many people are trying to download it probably

Edit: I got it to work...downloaded it in mozilla and paused the download every 1 MB so it wouldn't time out. took a little longer than it should have but it worked

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I found a fix on the net on a guild forum and it worked so it a work around but it works as follows:

As of today, Mumble 1.2.3 will no longer work.

It has to do with the way the certificates were programmed in.

This fix will update your Mumble to version 1.2.3a and allow you to connect normally.

1.) Download this zip file (to somewhere that you can easily locate it). - Mumble Fix File

2.) Open the mumble-1.2.3-resigned-binary.zip file (that you downloaded in step #1)

3.) Drag the enclosed Mumble.exe file into your Mumble folder, replacing the current Mumble.exe file. - (Choose the option to replace the old file)

4.) Log onto Mumble as you typically do and be happy.

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