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New version crashing on connect


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So, I got the same error everyone has today (http://blog.mumble.info/important-update-to-mumble-1-2-3a/) and updated as suggested to 1.2.3a, having uninstalled the previous version of mumble. Upon uninstalling, I didn’t check the box to remove the db.

I’m on Vista 64 Ultimate (fully up to date)

To cut a long story short, I have:

- Installed and successfully launched 1.2.3a – it crashes on trying to connect – I removed it again

- Installed and successfully launched 1.2.4 (Snapshot) – it crashes on trying to connect – I removed it again

- Re-installed 1.2.3 and downloaded the updated .exe file – copied the .exe file over the top of the old one in the mumble folder on my c drive and launched the application from that – it crashes on trying to connect

The only advice in the FAQ was to update to the latest snapshot version. I have tried disabling my Microsoft windows security essentials active protection, and it still crashes.

I am also now no longer presented with the option to remove the DB and preferences by the uninstaller, it just runs and removes mumble.

I’m stumped. I have no idea where the DB/prefs are stored on my machine (I used the default install location on c) so I can’t manually go delete them to try and fix it. I also have no idea why it’s crashing on connect constantly.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


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It is also crashing upon hitting cancel on the 'Mumble server connect' window.

The 'add new' button works and allows me to add a new server, but the other buttons both crash Mumble.

I don't suppose anyone can tell me how to completely remove all trace of mumble from my system so I can try a totally fresh install? (other than reformatting my HDD that is :P)



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