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bug mumble: AppHangB1


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When i run mumble, i have a problem. Mumble bug when i go on a server... I can't do anything and when i close it an error message appears. I have reinstall 3 times mumble and i have already this problem...

I make a litteral translation of this problem:


Name of this problem: AppHangB1

Name of application: mumble.exe


Timestamping : 4d603982

Blocage signature: a659

Kind of blocage: 2048

System version: 6.0.6001.

LCDI: 1036

blocage signature sup. 1: 31a5f647d183b74b7ecdd046303d99c5

blocage signature sup. 2: 608d

blocage signature sup. 3: 98c1f5438b182b47821c187f17b12082

blocage signature sup. 4: a659

blocage signature sup. 5: 31a5f647d183b74b7ecdd046303d99c5

blocage signature sup. 6: 608d

blocage signature sup. 7: 98c1f5438b182b47821c187f17b12082

the original (but in french):

Signature du problème :

Nom d’événement de problème: AppHangB1

Nom de l'application: mumble.exe

Version de l'application:

Horodatage de l’application: 4d603982

Signature de blocage: a659

Type de blocage: 2048

Version du système: 6.0.6001.

Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 1036

Signature de blocage supplém. 1: 31a5f647d183b74b7ecdd046303d99c5

Signature de blocage supplém. 2: 608d

Signature de blocage supplém. 3: 98c1f5438b182b47821c187f17b12082

Signature de blocage supplém. 4: a659

Signature de blocage supplém. 5: 31a5f647d183b74b7ecdd046303d99c5

Signature de blocage supplém. 6: 608d

Signature de blocage supplém. 7: 98c1f5438b182b47821c187f17b12082

Can you help me please?

N.B: I m sorry if my english is so bad but i m just a french student and my level in english is not good

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