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I just installed mumble, and can't speak.

This is ok, because I can troubleshoot it myself. The problem is that all my boxes (check marks, drop down menus) are all melded into the background grey color. Not only can I not see where they are located, but I can't see my options. I can't reconfigure my voice recognition, can't find or bind my push to talk hotkey, and run an audio loop to hear myself.

Did three uninstalls and reboots, downloaded from official website, and I'm getting the exact same issue. Mumble also will not prompt me with the initial "configuration" upon each fresh install, apparently because (despite my control panel>uninstall>reboots), it still saves some files and remembers my old server data. Using Windows 7 64-bit.

Also, the SERVER, SELF, CONFIGURE and HELP tabs at the top of the window do not show they are clickable upon mouse over, and if I do click them, then Mumble goes unresponsive and closes.

This is haphazard and frustrating, used Ventrilo and Skype for most of a decade and have never seen problems like this. What am I doing wrong?

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