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Issue when registering name on server


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I was hoping someone might be able to help me with my issue. I have setup a murmur server on my personal server. I have had it running for a few months now. I never really bothered with registering the name to get admin rights will recently due to trying to expand my linkshell and actually needing the admin tools and rights. The issue I have which has happened twice now, is I get my certificate, they way it says on the site. I link that to mumble then I register my char saying I will never be able to log in a different user on that server. I click ok and I have admin rights. Though it is only the temp ones till you log off then back in, the issue lies here. Once I log off the server I can not get back on. It keeps spamming me with error saying I have the wrong password. Though I do not I am postive I even clicked to be able to read the password and it is correct. First I thought it was something I did wrong so redid the same thing on a new account name and it did the same thing at the same point. Any help would be awsome thanks.


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For full admin rights you need to add your account to the @admin group. You have to do this after registering your account, and you need to use the SuperUser account to do this.

If you are getting the error message "Wrong password for registered user" - this means you are connecting with a different certificate than the one you registered with. Either import the certificate you registered with, or connect with a different name.

Mike Johnson

Command Channel

Providing Mumble Servers since 2009.

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