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"A referral was returned from the server"


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Yes.. I made a new post. I know there's a sticky but it seems there's no-one monitoring that thread.

I was also instructed to post here by the "Live Help" customer service-guy :)

So yeah, I tried all the fixes. I also uninstalled any version I had of mumble before I tried to install the next one.

Downloaded & Installed the linked certification in the correct directory - check

Downloaded & Installed: Dev snapshot, 1.2.3a and 1.2.3a mumble.exe

Even tried to set back system time to 14 January

Even tried various "fix"-videos on YouTube.

What now?

Running Windows 7 x86_64

The error still appears the millisecond I try to execute the program mumble.exe

Could there be some hidden app-data that isn't removed when I uninstall?

Or maybe some registry keys?

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