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Lots of Sqlite Writes


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I have a bunch of murmur servers running on Windows and each of them is doing an insane amount of writes to the sqlite database and journal files. All together it adds up to something like 30MB/s of data being written to the sqlite files. This is bogging down the server.

I'm curious what murmur could possibly be writing so much to the database, and more importantly how can I disable all these writes?

I have tried these settings to no avail:






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If these are independent processes instead of virtual server instances the database will have no write consolidation at all. Still 30MB/s sounds pretty extreme. How many servers with what kind of traffic are we talking about?

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There is about 150 servers with about 20-30 of them with activity which is comprising the bulk of the writes. I have noticed that rebooting the server seems to bring down the amount of writes so it seems to build up over time which would maybe point to some error logging or something, however the text log is not showing anything near that amount of disk activity.

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