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I've been wondering how I can do the following:

I am in a channel on my clans server, when enemies appear in the city, I want to press a button that plays a global announcement sound (like a warning bell) and another button so I can speak globally (that I know how to do).

I've checked the Audio Input but i couldn't find anywhere in there how to add a sound file from my computer. Neither under the Shortcuts tab.

If there's a way to do this, I'd like to say that if this includes running another client or doing crazy stuff with sound cards, I won't be able to do either as I'm playing on a laptop with low FPS already and the sound card doesn't have anything like a menu, it doesn't even have a sound mixer.

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Also, if there's no way to do this, then I'm suggesting a way to implement this in the upcoming update. You could put it under Shortcuts, Play Sound, then Data opens a window just like the whisper/shout one where you can put to what channel or root you wanna play it, and a box where you can put in the file it has to play, then the shortcut you use to trigger it and the other usual options that are under shortcuts.

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