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[Solved]Mumble crashing when adding a server


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When I click on the "Add new server", Windows tell me mumble is not responding and ends closing it.

My PC is using Win7 64. Mumble version is 1.2.3a (working on my laptop with Vista 32).

What I tried :

- launching with admin rights

- compatibility mode with Vista/XP

- launching with admin rights and compatibility Vista/XP

Do you have an idea about how I could solve the problem ?

(Note : english is not my language, sorry if I make any mistake !)

(Note 2 : I tried to use the research tool, but "add" "new" and "server" are too comon words for it :( )

[Edit : okay, problem solved. I had to use a really extreme solution but it worked. I had to... reboot my computer. Yeah, I do feel silly.]

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