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keep crashing: a referral was returned from the server


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I am currently having trouble with launching my mumble client. It gives me the error "a referral was returned from the server". I am sorry to bother you with this issue as I know this is well known and many procedures already exist but on my computer, for some reason none of them work and I start to run out of solutions. Let me explain what I have done.

First, I reinstalled my computer yesterday (windows 7). Before that, I already faced the problem of "a referral was returned from the server" and I solved it by just replacing the .exe file. However, when reinstalling, the problem came back as I made the mistake of using an old version of the installer (my guess is that the problem is coming from there).

From there, I performed several procedures:

[*] I replaced the .exe file by the one linked on

[*] I uninstalled mumble (using both mumble uninstaller and using windows uninstaller) and reinstalled it using the stable installer from and

[*] I followed the procedures describe by sharpersoh for updating the certifications on

None of those procedures are working. As I said before, I am sorry to discuss this issue as it is a well known problem but I am a bit desperate as I am out of solutions. Would you have any idea for solving this issue?

Thanks in advance

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