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P2P calls leveraging Mumble code ?


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I am looking for VoIP software with a central server (to run on my Window$ PC) and where the two (only) parties to the call are connected P2P with encryption. I found Ventrilo first, and now Mumble, but of course they don't do that and were never intended for that purpose.

I wondered if I might be smart enough to modify the Mumble source to do that, but having looked at it, I'm not - by a long way. But I reckon somebody here should know how to tackle the coding.

I already have a web server and mail server with encryption, and a group of authenticated users. I have knocked up a simple PHP web page that allows authenticated users to receive a file of the availability and current IP of other authenticated users. Each user would run a Listener and Caller, probably in the same app. (see example Form Design at http://www.peakoil.org.au/SecurePhone.GUI.gif )

Must be open source, must be Windows/Mac/Linux and as easy for the clients to install/set-up as possible.

If anyone is interested in this (a new sister project?) or can say if it has been done already, please let me know.

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Mumble is a client/server architecture and doesn't have any P2P facilities. We have no plans to add support for P2P anytime soon as it wouldn't scale to large groups of players and "phonecall to single user" is out of the scope of our project. If all you want is to have encrypted calls you should look into encrypted SIP calls.

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