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I hear me but Audio Wizard doesn't


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I've installed Murmur on a Debian server and am now trying to get Mumble working on my at-home Debian box.

I have two soundcards, one on the mainboard and a separate Turtle Beach one. ALSA is installed. PulseAudio is also present but I've stopped it from running. I'm hoping to use the mainboard card for my speakers, the Turtle Beach card for headset.

Runniing the Audio Wizard, I can hear the sound sample - but when I move the slider, the sound remains the same.

Moving on to the microphone page, there's nothing visible in either of the 'range' windows. I can hear myself speaking into the microphone, in the headset speakers, but it appears Audio Wizard isn't hearing me.

I've set sound system controls to maximum, and have tried various representations of the TB card (e.g, default:CARD=CMI8738..., front:CARD=..., hw:CARD=...) and nothing seems to change insofar as Audio Wizard is concerned. (?)

Any idea what the problem might be? Any tips, pointers, or wild ideas appreciated.

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