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Hello, I've been having a problem with mumble. You see, when i have headphones plugged into my computer (laptop) I hear everything that goes on in them (games, videos, music, etc.) but when I turn mumble on, suddenly everything that was playing in my headphones (games, videos, music, etc.) starts playing out loud and all I hear in them is mumble (peoples voices etc..). I tried to see if the same thing happened when i started Skype, and it didn't ( i heard all noise, including chat, in my headphones). I've also tried changing a lot of different setting to see if the problem could be fixed and i haven't found anything yet. Please help me, I use mumble almost every day and it's a pain to have to turn all my sounds off due to others in chat hearing them.

(My set-up is just a plugged in mic and plugged in headphones ....this is the laptop i have ) Thank you.


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