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Toggle Log and Chatbar in Minimal View


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Title says it all.

I'm having trouble toggling the Log and Charbar when I go into Minimal View. Sometime I'll get lucky and right-click near the top (above the root channel, but below the programs title bar) where I can enable the Chatbar and Log, but it's like 1 out of 100. Is there a keyboard shortcut to enable/disable the Chatbar and Log, and why doesn't it save the status of the Chatbar and Log in minimal view. I have to re-enable both everytime I exit and enter minimal view.

(by the way, if people are having trouble posting after they register, click the "Delete all board cookies" link near the bottom right of the forum. I had to do this for the forum to update that I was logged in.)

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Well. I guess the main reason for it being so hard to trigger is that being able to show these in minimal view hadn't actually been intended behavior when implementing the feature ;-) We didn't see any reason to put effort into disallowing it completely but this is more in the undocumented behavior section than anything else :lol: There are no shortcuts for showing/hiding UI components, sorry.

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