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PTT key stops responding.


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Hi all, My SWTOR guild uses mumble as our voice comms and it works great for everyone with the exception of a single person.

This person will bind a key to be PTT, and it will randomly stop working without notice. She will still be connected to the server and able to hear us, but pushing the PTT key has no effect. She has to tab out of SWTOR, open the mumble settings, and re-apply the shortcut. The shortcut doesn't disappear from the list, it just won't respind until she hits the 'Apply' key again.

She's on Win7, 64bit. Running Mumble 1.2.3

Thanks to anyone who may respond.

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I'm having this exact problem too.

To get it working again, you have to rebind the shortcut key, or restart the client.

The weird thing is that I normally have PTT bound to Mouse4, and thought that this was the issue, however I bound another key 'V' as well, but BOTH stop functioning. In fact NO shortcuts work (including my channel change shortcut).

Also using Win7 64bit, mumble 1.2.3.

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Mh, now I actually wonder if that’s a system issue …

Because my audio player AIMP also forgets the global shortcuts regularly but seemingly randomly. Restarting it it works again.

Maybe its on launching specific things or sth …

I’m also on WIn7 x64.

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